Winter Activity and Sports Injuries

 Winter Sport and Activity Injuries

The cold weather marks the beginning of many seasonal activities as the weather changes and schools begin transitioning to winter sports. Students take part in team sports such as wrestling and basketball, while others, including adults, enjoy ice hockey, skiing, snowboarding and sledding.  All active recreational endeavors require participants to maintain varying levels of physical strength and flexibility to prevent injuries. Stretching well on a regular basis should be the main component of any active lifestyle.  Weight and cardiovascular training are recommended, as they will enhance safety and increase the ability to reach your greatest potential.

Injuries can occur regardless of any preventative measure. There are a huge range of injuries that can take place with an active lifestyle, and all parts of the body can be involved. Concussions are seen in all sports, especially where speed is involved such as ice hockey and downhill skiing.  Joint injuries also occur with frequency in basketball players, wrestlers and cheerleading. Injuries can be of a sudden traumatic nature such as a broken leg, concussion or torn ACL, or can be the result of repetitive motions such as tendonitis.  In the case of a head trauma, assessment and treatment of serious medical conditions such as a concussion is imperative to avoid the risk of permanent damage to the brain.

Regardless of the type of injury, timely assessment and treatment is important to determine what course of action may be necessary. It is recommended that all sporting accidents and injuries be assessed by a medical professional to avoid further complications or damage. Once appropriate evaluation is made, your health care provider will be able to provide a beneficial care plan enabling you to begin enjoying your favorite cold weather sport as soon as possible.

If you or your athlete experience any injury while enjoying a winter activity, our experienced providers are here to help with the diagnosis and treatment of all activity related disorders.  Whether you seek medical consultation and treatment from your primary care provider or one of our orthopedists, you will receive the very best in conservative treatment and surgical care only if needed.

We believe relationships with our patients are key to healing and optimizing health. In addition, Premier Health Associates has an  extensive internal staff of medical providers and services coordinating your care.  Working together effectively and efficiently, means you return back to your favorite activities as quickly as possible.