Premier Health’s response to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the most up-to-date information

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We stand by our community

The rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19 is changing the way we live our lives. As such, Healthcare must also rapidly respond to provide effective healthcare to our community. Premier Health has implemented virtual visits to provide quick, online, access to our providers. Please call your Physician’s office if you’re interested in utilizing Virtual Visits. In addition, we’ve put together some getting started videos to help patients that are not accustomed to video communication with your physician.

As we all manage these uncertain times, Premier Health will continue to provide critical healthcare services to all members of the community. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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Online or over-the-phone communication with your physician, from the comfort of your own home

Premier Health Associates

With over thirty five health care providers in twelve locations, Premier Health Associates cares for our community throughout Sussex and Warren Counties in NJ, as well as Pike County, PA.  Our group was carefully formed by physicians, incorporating extensively trained and experienced providers who are committed to delivering excellent medical services in a caring and friendly environment.

We believe that good health is dependent on you establishing a comfortable and trusting partnership with your choice of conveniently located providers. At Premier Health Associates, we approach healthcare from a family-centered perspective in a unique collaborative setting.

Premier Health Associates offers comprehensive primary care services as the foundation for you and your family’s healthcare. Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Geriatrics are available, giving you all the options you need for your entire family within the same medical group.  Premier Health Associates offers fourteen different specialists representing ten different specialties of care. With such a broad range of services available, we are able to provide an integrated and collaborative approach to your care when it becomes essential for you to seek the medical services of specialists.

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