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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Premier Health have instructions on setting up a Follow My Health Account (Patient Portal)?

Yes! please check out our getting started videos on the home page.


What do I need to get started with a Follow My Health Account (Patient Portal)?

To get started with patient portal, please call your physician’s office and let them know you would like to join the portal. Office Staff will ask for a current email address to get you set up. An email will be sent to that address with instructions on how to sign in.


Can I create a portal account without an Invite from Premier Health?

You MUST receive an invite from Premier Health to link appropriately to your care team. Failure to do so will create a portal account without being linked to Premier Health.


What if I don’t receive an invite email?

If you didn’t receive an email, please check with your physician office. We are happy to resend the invite.


I’m having technical problems with the website. What should I do?

For technical issues in the Follow My Health Portal, please call 1-888-670-9775


What do I need to participate with virtual visits?

  • To start with virtual visits, please make sure you have a working Follow My Health Account (Patient Portal.)
  • Call your Physician’s office to schedule a time
  • Make sure you have a working computer or Iphone/Android device with the Follow My Health App installed.
  • Make sure your microphone and camera are working and appropriate access rights have been granted. For laptops/desktops, please make sure your running the most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or google chrome


Do I need to schedule a virtual visit first?

YES! You must schedule the appointment with the office first before joining the virtual visit. We have seen many people open virtual visits without an appointment scheduled. While we would love to offer instant appointments, at this time we require virtual visits to be scheduled first.


How do I access my virtual visit once it’s scheduled?

Please check out our getting started guides for this information


What if my “Reason for Visit” is not listed in the drop-down?

If your “Reason for Visit” is not available in the drop-down, please pick any item from the drop-down, and type your actual Reason for Visit in the notes field. We are working with our EMR vendor to add an “other” field.