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PHA Doctor Uses New Rotator Cuff Implant With Promising Results

by Premier Health
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Rotator cuff injuries most commonly affect people over 40, who repeatedly perform overhead motions with their arms. These injuries, progressive in nature, grow in severity over time and eventually require surgery and months of rehabilitation. But a new implant is on the market that may change the way rotator cuff tears are treated.

Regeneten is a collagen-based bioinductive implant, and currently, Premier Health Associates’ Dr. Sean Wilkinson is the only doctor in all of Sussex County to use it on his patients.

According to Dr. Wilkinson, the patch is relatively new, but the results are promising. “The purpose of the patch is to stimulate your body’s natural healing ability to stimulate new rotator cuff tissue growth.” 

The Regeneten patch is implanted arthroscopically through a small incision over the location of the injury. Benefits of the patch include faster recovery, shorter rehabilitation, and potential to slow the progression of the disease. The patch has a high patient satisfaction rate of 94% after 1 year. 

“The hope is that we can treat rotator cuff injuries earlier, with a quicker and easier recovery period for the patient,” Dr. Wilkinson says. 

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