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Simple Ways To Start Moving More During Quarantine

by Premier Health

Exercise is imperative in maintaining physical and mental wellbeing during the lockdown. And while many are enjoying taking walks around the block, others may be finding the task redundant. Here are some creative ways to exercise during the pandemic that go beyond your neighborhood stroll.

  1. Biking

This activity is perfect for maintaining social distancing while getting some exercise. If you live in a neighborhood development, that’s a perfect place to start. According to Harvard Health, bike riding is perfect for maintaining cardiovascular health, while being easy on the joints. It may also improve your balance and make it easier to climb stairs!

2. Yard Work

Yard work may not sound like much fun, but doing yard work during your day has several benefits. The movement is great for your physical health, and being outside is great for your mental health. Take up gardening for a fun outdoor hobby that requires some work every day. Summer is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to get started on a vegetable garden for a summer harvest.

3. Stand While You Work

Any office environment is bound to hinder movement if you have to sit all day. It’s even easier to fall into a sedentary lifestyle if you are stuck at home all day. Try standing while you work a few times a day. A simple way to start standing more is to stand and walk around while you are on a conference call. 

4. Swap Your Chair For An Exercise Ball

For a few hours a day, switch out your work chair for an exercise ball. You will have to make slight adjustments to keep your balance, which will keep your body working. This is a great, simple way to stay active while seated.

5. Set An Alarm To Move Every Hour

Keep track of how often you are seated, and make an effort to do some sort of movement every hour. If necessary, set an alarm to remind you to get in some exercise. Set a goal of doing ten reps of an exercise every hour. You can do squats, pushups, easy weightlifting, stretches, or anything else that uses your muscles and keeps you active. 

6. Start Your Day With A Workout

If your work schedule is jam-packed, it may be easier for you to get in your exercise before your workday starts. Watch some workout or yoga videos on Youtube, and get your blood flowing before work. Set your alarm for an earlier time so you can get at least 30 minutes of exercise.

7. Tidy Up Your Space

Cleaning is a great way to keep your body active. Take a few minutes every few hours to clean a different room in your house. Whether you are vacuuming a floor or deep-cleaning your bathroom, your body will be thankful for that movement.

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