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Fall Health Tips

by Premier Health

People often get sick in the fall due to lower immune system performance from temperature changes and a lack of Vitamin D. Since more illnesses circulate during the fall season, it is important to take control of your health and immune system. Here are some ways you can stay healthy during the fall 2021 season.

Get your COVID vaccine– With children returning to school and businesses returning employees to the workplace it is more important than ever to take COVID vaccination seriously.

Take steps to prevent the flu! 

Flu season is just around the corner, and the best way to protect against it is to get vaccinated each year in the fall. Don’t forget to wash hands often, drink water, and cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. 

Eat  more pumpkin! 

Pumpkins are high in fiber, potassium, and Vitamin A. They help your heart and can also boost your immune system. Pumpkin seeds are rich in phytosterols, which may help lower cholesterol.

Go outside! 

Autumn is the perfect time for a hike or walk! The moderate fall temperatures are ideal for outdoor activities, and you will soak up some Vitamin D along the way, which makes you happier and improves your concentration.

Prepare for “Falling Behind” on Nov. 7th!

By gaining an hour, many find it easier to wake up in the morning, but harder to fall asleep. Here are a ew tips: try to avoid electronics one hour before going to bed (or at least dim the display light), avoid caffeine after lunchtime, slowly adjust your bedtime, and stick to a routine sleep schedule.

Eat like an athlete on game day!

There are many tips and tricks to healthy football season eating, such as setting out raw veggies with dips/hummus, fruit, or even cutting smaller pizza slices. Finding alternatives is just a “Google” away! We recommend buffalo cauliflower pieces, olive oil popcorn, sweet potato fries, shrimp cocktails, and fried zucchini.

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