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Coronavirus Meeting

by Premier Health
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Yesterday, under the leadership of the Premier Health Associates Board of Directors, we held a COVID-19 meeting. Attending doctors included: Dr. Kozak, Dr. Bollard, Dr. Vaz, Dr. Liloia, and Dr. Stas. Also in attendance was Premier Health Associates Admin Daryl Wilson.


  1. Physicians will triage all respiratory infections to determine the best course of action (whether that is staying home or admittance to the ER)
  2. It may be riskier for patients with respiratory issues to come out, and may be best to stay home
  3. PHA will remain in close contact with any patients we recommend staying home
  4. We are exploring ability to test for COVID-19 but do not have the capability now
  5. We are encouraging “Social Distancing”
  6. We are encouraging patients and their families to follow us on our social media page and share the information so we can communicate with as many patients as possible

In summary, call us before coming to the office with a respiratory infection, practice social distancing, and follow our social media for further updates.

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